Care & Feeding of your Tarot Cards

Generally Tarot cards are not kept in the original box, it’s mostly useless anyway.  As is the little booklet that comes with your cards.  I would suggest putting the cards in a cloth bag, wooden box, or a special container that is meaningful to you.

There’s quite a bit written on cleansing your cards.  These are some of the more common methods & I have on occasion used some of them myself:

1. Smudging the deck at each new moon with incense or sage smoke.
2. Keep them shuffled & every so often put the cards back in the original –out of the box sequence.
3. Store your deck with smoky quartz, amethysts and/or psychic enhancing crystals to absorb negative energies.
4. Place them on the window sill at the full moon for 24 hours so they are cleaned & charged by both the Sun and the Moon.

I would suggest a cleansing when you first buy your deck, but please do not put them in water unless you wish to buy another deck.  If you wish you can do a little ritual, prayer or meditation at this time to connect your psychic energies to the cards as well.

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