Visions from the Great Mother Goddess –10-24-13

Visions from the Great Mother Goddess –10-24-13

Tarot for Healing © EMStanley

Spiritual Governess & Intuitive Coach

Walking through a brightly lit canyon, I enter my cave sanctuary. The Great Mother meets me & takes me further into the cave than I knew even existed.

Taking my hand and leading me through the darkness we emerge into an entrance on the other side.  She gently lifts us both into the air and we soar into the sky. 

She leads me through the clouds into azure blue skies.  The ground disappears far below as we reach the ceiling of the earth and pass through & into the inky black of space. The moon becomes but a blur as we speed past.  Stars sparkle like diamonds as we fly forward to a beautiful soft red-orange nebula. 

Still holding my hand the Great Mother Goddess leads me in and around the softly colored gas clouds & rounding a pillar of gas & stellar dust brightly lit from within I see the universe tree.  It is stunningly beautiful and is impossible to say how large this tree is.  Even though it seemed only a heartbeats time away, the closer we got to it the more it filled my vision and I realized that it was the only thing I could see anymore.  So immense was his tree it overflowed the nebula that gives birth to planets & suns.

It stands at the center of all the universes.  The very center of the multiverse itself.  A tree larger than anyone can imagine with leaves of gold loomed around me.  So immense is this tree that I’m not even the size of a speck of dust in comparison.  The roots of this immense tree mirroring its branches fade away into the immenseness of black space and swirling gas. On its boughs hang a galaxy or a solar system and even other universes.  Each one its own small bubble of light.  I could have reached up and plucked one like ripe fruit.  But I knew that an entire solar system would have ceased to exist had I done that. 

The Great Mother guided me to a sturdy branch where we sat and meditated together.  Our hands barely an inch apart from one another sharing and exchanging energy.  Though I must confess I found it hard to concentrate with all of the galaxies hanging from the universe tree.  Their delicate beauty mesmerizing. 

It was only then when I realized the Great Mother Goddess had no eyes.  It was not like they were missing, there was not a place for eyes to be.  There was only one small third eye in her forehead.  She explained to me that she did not need eyes, that no one needs them.  Physical human eyes will deceive you.  Physical eyes only see form and the masks we wear each day.  It is only through our senses of feelings and intuitions through our heart and the vision of our 3rd eye, where the truth is revealed.  Our 3rd eye and our heart reveal all of what we need to see or to know about our world and the people in it.  It is these; our intuition, our love & our vision that we need in order to witness our world.  Those are the filters we need in order to discern the truth and thereby make all of our decisions and to act rightly. 

So I closed my eyes and open my heart and my third eye.  We sat, for how long I do not know but when we were done the Great Mother returned me safely to my cave sanctuary.  From there I returned to the human world with her message of being sightless.


Edith Mary



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I absolutely love this vision that you shared Edith. It’s really powerful and full of so many hidden truths. It’s very intimate even with the Universal messages the Great Mother shared with you. Many blessings to you sister! 🙂

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