Angel Communications

We’ve all seen the cute saying “God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created________.”  You know: Moms, Dads, Grandparents—the list could go on a very long time.  Well, just for a moment, assume that The Divine did create special beings, which are with us at all the time.  Loving us, comforting us, healing us, making sure we look both ways before crossing the street, making sure we stay out of trouble buy ratting us out to mom (mother’s intuition), giving us that creepy feeling in the pit of our tummies that says something’s not right—get out now.  Seem silly?  Think again!  Angels are the Divine’s eyes and ears.  His/Her messengers.  Guardian Angels have taken on a life long assignment—you.  Not only do we have a direct link to the Divine, but to His/Her wise messenger as well.  Our Guardian Angel has much to offer, if we only listen.  Advice, comfort and healing are only a small portion of the Angelic wisdom that is available to us.  Just like an iceberg—the portion that you see is only 10% of the iceberg.  The largest part is hidden under the water.  So to with our Angels, the largest part of their wisdom and teaching is hidden in the depths of the relationship we usually take for granted, or worst yet, ignore all together.

Hopefully, we take time each day to converse with the Divine, but His/Her Angels are there too, waiting for our call, waiting for our attention.  If we spend a few minutes each day, saying “Good morning, how are you?” and remembering to listen for the answer, we open to a wealth of information and inspiration from which we can draw.  So if we take the time and seek the depths of our Angel’s wisdom, there is no telling the things we might accomplish—all because we choose to listen to the Divine’s Angelic messenger.

If you want to get in touch with your Angels but cant seen to get started, try a meditation specifically designed to bring your awareness of your Angel closer.  If you need meditation support, Try my youtube channel, Reiki Artist or Edith Mary Stanley, or look up the thousands of meditation available on youtube.  It’s a wonderful way to get started or to re-connect with the Divine in you.

Peace, Love and Pumpkin Pie,

Edith Mary


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