What is Mind Control?

While perusing YouTube for meditation videos I came across a self hypnosis video for controlling others using your mind. My immediate reaction was one of surprise and disdain.

One of the comments on this video agreed with me calling it unethical.  But something about the video made me stop and think for a second time.  I gave it a listen and to my surprise it was remarkable similar to a meditation from a popular mind control method that has been around for years.  I even have that very same system and do the meditation frequently.

I got to thinking about trying to control others using my mental energies.  On the surface it does seem unethical, but really we try to influence others all the time.  We try to wear them down with our arguments for our own “rightness’ through what seems like endless debate.  We present convincing arguments and win people with our charm and verbal skill.  So what’s the difference?

I frankly don’t see any difference.  One form of control is just as good or bad as the other.  Perhaps the word “control” should be replaced with influence.  It puts a whole new light on the mind “control” issue.

When I was applying for disability it was recommended that every day I send love to the people that would be making the decision about my case.  Was this a form of control and influence over another person?  Was I right to do that?  Was I right in sending love concerning my case?  Or was I out of line in trying to influence the outcome?  Sending distance healing is another example of exerting control over a person’s health.  Reiki and laying on of hands is nothing more than trying to control/influence another person’s physical or emotional well being.

The strong-minded/strong-willed have always exerted influence over others.  Marketing and advertizing have been doing it since the beginning of time.  Again I don’t see the difference.  The lines are blurred for me.

Politicians do it every day!  It seems to me to be an ongoing battle for the control of our dollars, of votes, control of our work environment and projects and the pressing of personal agendas in all arenas.  Highly focusing your thoughts and the energies to obtaining a goal is the exact same thing as trying to control another’s thoughts.  You are sending that energy out and you expect cooperation in return.  Again I don’t see the difference.

I’m not saying that trying to control another person is a good thing.  But we do attempt to influence our world and the people in it for our own benefit.  That in itself is a form of mind control.  Simply being in close proximity to another person’s energy field blurs that space between us.  It creates an area of sharing of ideas, thoughts and feelings.  We cannot help but experience another person’s energy field.  Our energy field extends out about 5 feet and according to some about 25 feet.  So those people that live in very close communities like an apartment building, are constantly mingling energies.  It is unavoidable in this day and age.  This closeness means we feel our neighbors emotions which can be rather scary.  So would it be appropriate to send them calming energy if they’re angry?  Would that not to be a form of mind control?

There are no answers to these questions that I have posed, but I would like to know what you think.

Edith Mary,

Tarot for Healing © EMStanley

Spiritual Governess & Intuitive Coach


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