Is Reiki Limiting Your Abilities?

As an energy worker I no longer use Reiki as a healing tool, even though I’m a Reiki master.  In 1997 when I received my Reiki master training in the Usui tradition we learned our hand positions which were awesome for general work such as stress relief, health tune up’s and overall well being.  But as I quickly learned, the formula of Reiki is extremely limited in its scope.  Assuming of course you never deviate from your original teachings.

But if you leave your comfort zone long enough you will begin to understand that healing does not come from the hands of any healer, it comes directly from the divine source.  Reiki is just a system, one of many that people have created.  True, all energy healing systems channel healing.  It is the method in which healing is delivered that makes the difference.  I have always found that when I step aside and allow the divine mind to direct what I do that healing is much more powerful and permanent.

For instance, if a person has a headache what they really need is relaxation and the pulling of the pain from their body.  So directing energy to an elbow is not necessarily helpful.  Creating a pathway for the pain energy to leave IS helpful.  But in the Reiki tradition which I learned that was not an option.  In fact creating pathways for energy to travel was not even taught.

I have discovered over my Reiki career that the healing force doesn’t care about my hand positions.  Unfortunately with our “good intentions” we quite often subvert and redirect that healing energy from where it is needed to where we wanted it to go.  You might be shaking your head about now, but think about it for a second.  We are like a pipeline taking the energy from the source and sending it to its destination.  Or even liked electrical current.  We direct the path of electricity by flipping a switch on or off.  Our intention can send the energy off in the wrong direction, or block it all together.

It really does pay to listen to your spirit guides, the healing angels and the guides of the person you’re working with.  While working on my mother’s arthritic knee I had a shaman standing across the table telling me to blow on her knee.  I actually thought that was rather stupid, and that I was imagining it.  But again the strong urge from the shaman to blow on her knee interrupted my concentration on filling her knee with healing energy.  I again said no.  It just seemed not right somehow.  The third time the shaman yelled at me to blow on her knee.  Desperate to get rid of him I humored him and blew on her knee.  At that point I felt energy move like I never had before, my mom opened her eyes and ask me what I had just done; she related that her knee was completely pain free.

After telling her my experience with the shaman, she said “you should’ve listened the first time.”  It was at that point I heard fading laughter and I knew my shaman teacher was laughing his butt off at me.  I got it, I did learn my lesson.  When you feel an entity, healer, angel, etc., You should listen to them no matter how strange it seems; just do it.  Save yourself being laughed at and do it first time.

That was the first of many such teachings.  To break out of that Reiki mold and work WITH the energy rather than directing the energy.  It may not seem like much of a difference but believe me, it is.

Now I just teach working with the energy; how to magnify it and use it for what your client needs.  Before you ask, no the client does not always know what they truly needing.  But spirit does.  The healing energy does.  Learning to be open and receptive to this change in the way we do our healing work, will go a long way toward amplifying the healing that is taking place on our planet.

Edith Mary,

Spiritual Governess & Intuitive Coach

©  2014 EMStanley

Healing us nothing more


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