Channeled Messages

I read a number of blogs and follow several people who channel either Angelic beings, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Star beings or Elders. I value each one and by no means do I discounting their message or the deliverer and its source.  But from an earth person’s perspective, I would appreciate a more practical explanation of how to prepare ourselves for the coming doom and gloom.  As seer myself, I find it very disrespectful to give information without advice/instruction on how to minimize the damage to ourselves.  Being informed it is one thing, being able to protect ourselves is another.  Information on how to raise our awareness, how to expand our consciousness, how to raise up our fellow man and make our world a better place is of the main purpose of our service—but not just predate our demise.

On a personal note, as a writer I am offended by the poor grammar that most channeler’s allow out in their name.  True it may be coming from “another” source but we are still attaching our name and our energy to it and the bad grammar really does make the “entity” sound like an idiot.  I believe most people discount a message that is poorly written and poorly edited as sounding too stupid to be believed.  We can without a doubt make the message easier to read without changing the meaning of the message.

Love, Peace & Pumpkin Pie,

Edith Mary


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