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A lot of people tend to “mystify” certain concepts that are uncomfortable.
We are all humans, and as such, we’ve got plenty of fears, both built in and learned.
Some fears are helpful, some stand in the way.
Some we acknowledge, others we are terrified of even talking about.
But fears are normal, natural, healthy even. They keep us from making horribly stupid mistakes, like petting tigers,walking off cliffs while texting, or walking up to gorgeous girls (who are standing next to scary looking dudes) and telling them how much we’d like to have sex with them.
People with ZERO fears usually end up dead, or in prison.
One common fear we have is of rejection. We have something we’d like to say, but we’re afraid people won’t accept our ideas like we accept our ideas.
This comes across in metaphysical ideas like the Law of Attraction.
When we say things like, “If you radiate the right energy, the universe will give you what you’re attracting.”
Sounds good, but what the heck is “The Universe”?
When it comes to life on Planet Earth, the universe can ONLY mean “other people.”
It just feels a lot safer to say “radiate what you want and the universe will give you what you’re attracting,” than “Talk to enough people and you’ll find plenty that will help you out.”
When we imagine radiating some metaphysical energy and “the universe” giving us what we want, it seems safe, easy, and risk free.
When we imagine talking to a bunch of people we suddenly get anxious, nervous, and worried.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
One of the reasons it seems to be so scary is because we’re imagining something that simply isn’t there.
Believe it or not, when we imagine asking what we want, or making a suggestion to others, part of us is imagining being a little kid and asking a parent, usually an adult, for what we want and getting rejected.
But the ONLY people in the world that have that much power over you were your parents, and ONLY when you were very young.
That power over you simply doesn’t exist any more.
All those people out there (AKA “The Universe”) can’t hurt or reject you any more than a tree or a pile of bananas.
What’s more, is THEY are all thinking and same thing!
Which means when you make the first move, and show them that it’s safe to talk and interact with others, some AMAZING things will happen.
You’ll find out that you’ve each got something the other person wants.
Making life MUCH more fun and exciting.
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Till next time,
George Hutton
625 Taper Dr., Apt B-15, Seal Beach, Ca 90740, USA


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