Anchors Aweigh

Many times in my life I have felt lost—like I had no home.  I belonged nowhere and to no one.  I had no anchor to make me feels safe.  I was unfettered and free.  Which also means that I had no direction to mark my path.  I was at the mercy of the prevailing winds of the cosmos and feeling stuck at the same time.

Yea…I know.  How can you be free and stuck at the same time? I could certainly pick up and go anywhere I wanted at anytime I wanted.  And I didn’t go anywhere at all.  Hence…my stuckness.  And confusion.  And self doubt.  And the list goes on.  I felt alone and unloved.  Not even my guides were helpful.

Then a dear friend and mentor, who was having her own crises, talked to her friend and mentor and she suggested that home, your anchor…the thing or place that makes you feel loved and wanted is not a dot on a map.  Your home, your anchor is in your heart.  You carry it with you.

People will always come and go in your life, no matter where you are.  The forever friends will always be there no matter where you live.  So you might as well be happy with where you live.  But I’m not happy.  I miss rain, tall bushy trees, lakes, the ocean air and mountains.  I miss forests.  I miss really good seafood.  The kind of seafood you can only get at the shore.

My point is: what is keeping you rooted in place?  What is holding you?  What is your anchor?  For most of us it’s family, a need for good schools and a spiritual home.  Our attachments are our anchors.  Make sure what you’re anchored to is really what you desire or you will be pulled under by the weight of your attachments.  The sea of regret will claim you and destroy any hopes and dreams you have left.

Being good to yourself is the best thing you can do for those around you.  If you’re not happy, weigh anchor and go to that place that sings to your heart.  Maybe it’s across country or maybe it’s your back yard.  It doesn’t matter at all as long as your anchor is in your own heart and not in another’s.

‘till next time

Love, Peace & Pumpkin Pie

Edith Mary

©EMStanley, Transitional Reiki

Writer, Artist, & Spiritual Life/Death Coach


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  1. ❤ This really resonates for me. I've always found that when I'm doing heart-centered work or truly listen to my heart then I never feel lost. Thank you for sharing this Edith! ❤

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