I received an email from a friend today about what might be going on in the cosmos.

I think that many of us are having similar issues.  Here is what she asked me.

Is there something going on energy-wise in the Universe these days?  I have been sidelined from almost all “other side” activity I don’t quite know what is going on.  I feel like I am being mired down, and I am having a LOT more ear and chest pain than I ever had before.  The Universe is evidently trying to do something and even The Boss is silent. 

Yes, the energies are high and many of us are being sent spinning off kilter. So much is going on as the councils of light are readjusting us and our planet. Light workers are being called to a higher service and being tested at a higher level.  Many are being stripped of our illusions and dragged kicking and screaming out of our comfort zones.  We are questioning ourselves, our path and our motives on a deeper soul level.  Those who are not ready to move to the next level are losing their way and their ability to act.  Some are being taught that true service often means sacrifice and hardship as we move into greater service–even the most basic of material things are falling away.  On an emotional/mental level, we are being reset–rebooted to new thought patterns and new ways of being and doing.  It will seem as if we are somehow different and old friends fall away because they don’t understand us anymore.  They can no longer relate.
On a physical level, old problems may return so they can be dealt with once and for all.  If our bodies are not ready to make the shift if will fight us or let us know we need more work before proceeding.  Do not ignore the mundane and see a doctor if need be, but remember that physical symptoms and conditions are signs of unfinished emotional business and pain that we have stuffed down and swallowed without allowing ourselves to feel and integrate the lesson.
Not to fear dear heart, see a doctor about your chest pain and keep walking in the light.  Do what ever you need to to stay on your path.

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